When Do You Want a Living Trust as Your Primary Estate Planning Document?

The major factors that would cause you to decide to have as your primary estate planning document a living trust are:

       Desire for privacy about what you own;

       Desire to protect your family and prevent con-artists from harassing your surviving spouse or children because documents filed in the probate of a will, which include your assets, are public documents and can be accessed by anyone;

       Ease of handling out of state property;

       Ease of handling complex family situations due to multiple marriages;

       Concern about possible claims of incapacity; 

       Desire to prevent anyone from contesting your estate plans.

Generally speaking, when you are young and just starting to build your wealth, a will is sufficient.  But as you become older and have made a significant amount of money, you should be considering a revocable living trust.

                                                                             Thomas A. Leggette, J.D., Author:

                                                                             Consumer Contracts in Virginia

                                                                             Virginia Continuing Legal Education

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